By - Taylor Perez-Salese

Family Handyman: Do you need a Home Battery Backup System?

When the power goes out or electricity bills rise, it can be a costly inconvenience to those who aren’t prepared for it. With the arise of these unforeseen situations, improvements in electrical storage technology have led to a trend in emerging battery back-up systems. Which can potentially be a life saver.

Family Handyman is an American Home-Improvement magazine/website that offers DIY projects, tips, and repairs, for bettering your at-home living environment. Karuna Eberl, an esteemed freelance writer at this publication has recently written an informational piece regarding the importance of Battery Back-Up Systems. 

SolarSet’s CEO, Carson Toews, along with other Solar Experts were able to provide excellent insight on Back-Up System background and information on how it benefits purchasers.


Follow the link to read the article and learn more from the experts referenced. 


  • This service assumes delivery is made on an easily accessible driveway or parking lot directly connected to a well-maintained public road. Setting the unit in place and anchoring the system are additional services, available in select locations only, and will be priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • If unit is to be unloaded on public property, formal proof of permission from the Authority Having Jurisdiction is needed prior to arrival. 
  • The buyer, or a representative of the buyer, must be on-site to accept the system.

*Limitations Apply

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