By - Taylor Perez-Salese

SolarSet is making the Switch: Monofacial to Bifacial

SolarSet, a Colorado-based solar provider, is switching to bifacial solar panels for all of SolarSet’s turn-key solar systems. Bifacial solar panels increase efficiency and contribute significantly to the end users overall solar power intake. This mature solution increases the amount of electricity generated compared to their monofacial counterpart. Incorporating this increased energy collection into future SolarSet creations, our team can continue to guarantee that customers are getting the best quality systems.

Read more about why bifacial solar systems are the best choice for SolarSet customers:

·         What is the difference between Bifacial and Monofacial?

Currently most solar panels are constructed with monocrystalline solar cells sandwiched between glass and an opaque back sheet. Monocrystalline systems are constructed of a single crystal structure. They are known for great efficiency but can only capture sunlight from one side because the back sheet blocks reflected light. Bifacial solar panels have transparent glass on both sides. They generate electricity by absorbing sunlight from the front and reflected light from the back. Practically speaking, this means they can absorb light that is reflected off the ground or other material increasing overall energy production.

·         Why is Bifacial better?

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), bifacial panels can generate 9% more electricity than monofacial panels. Their ability to generate energy from surfaces reflecting the sun can significantly increase the amount of power a user can harvest. You can purchase and use fewer panels while still expecting the same amount of energy collection. Fewer panels means there is less space needed for the installation of your new solar system.

·         What can SolarSet customers expect?

SolarSet customers already get many benefits with The SolarSet Advantage. SolarSet has turn-key solar systems, factory assembled, wired, tested, and programmed ready for free curbside delivery within 300 miles of SolarSet’s factory. Factory assembled systems offer a consistent quality product that is difficult to achieve with a site-built system. We also offer customized rebates to help you make the best investment with your installment. Now you can expect to receive all the perks, plus panels that help you generate more energy.


Bifacial solar systems are economically advantageous for ground mounted solar systems. Their design allows for the generation of additional energy or a smaller panel array size. SolarSet makes every effort to provide quality services for their customers. Making this switch will ensure that every penny spent on our systems will be invested well. Providing the best solar components to our end users is just one of the ways we make their days a little brighter! 


  • This service assumes delivery is made on an easily accessible driveway or parking lot directly connected to a well-maintained public road. Setting the unit in place and anchoring the system are additional services, available in select locations only, and will be priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • If unit is to be unloaded on public property, formal proof of permission from the Authority Having Jurisdiction is needed prior to arrival. 
  • The buyer, or a representative of the buyer, must be on-site to accept the system.

*Limitations Apply

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