By - Taylor Perez-Salese

SolarSet is making the Switch: Monofacial to Bifacial

SolarSet, a Colorado-based solar provider, is switching to bifacial solar panels for all of SolarSet’s turn-key solar systems. Bifacial solar panels increase efficiency and contribute significantly to the end users overall solar power intake. This mature solution increases the amount of electricity generated compared to their monofacial counterpart. Incorporating this increased energy collection into future

By - Taylor Perez-Salese

Family Handyman: Do you need a Home Battery Backup System?

When the power goes out or electricity bills rise, it can be a costly inconvenience to those who aren’t prepared for it. With the arise of these unforeseen situations, improvements in electrical storage technology have led to a trend in emerging battery back-up systems. Which can potentially be a life saver. Family Handyman is an

By - Taylor Perez-Salese

Bring on the Cold: Why fall is a great time to go Solar.

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to go Solar during the gloomiest time of the year?” One of the biggest misconceptions about the Fall – Winter months, is that the shorter days bring in less energy. But on the contrary, Solar Panels are made to continue working year-round and can even thrive in


  • This service assumes delivery is made on an easily accessible driveway or parking lot directly connected to a well-maintained public road. Setting the unit in place and anchoring the system are additional services, available in select locations only, and will be priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • If unit is to be unloaded on public property, formal proof of permission from the Authority Having Jurisdiction is needed prior to arrival. 
  • The buyer, or a representative of the buyer, must be on-site to accept the system.

*Limitations Apply

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