• What’s better, ground mount or roof mount?

    In almost every case, ground mount is better. The following are the winners and the losers, in most cases, of each system:
  • Can I add a backup generator?

    Yes. Both Grid Tie and Off Grid systems can be tied in with a back-up generator.

  • Do these units track the sun?

    No. With the advancements in the efficiency of solar panels in the last 10 years, as well as the reduction in cost of solar panels, it is almost always more economical to just add a few panels then to us a sun tracker. Sun tracking mounting systems are sometimes used for mountain homes where only a 2 – 3 hours of sun is available per day. Sun tracking mounts cost more to install and require maintenance, and should be avoided when possible.

  • Does the solar system provide power when the utility power goes out?

    When the grid goes down, a grid tie solar system only supplies power if it is set up as a hybrid system with battery backup (basically an off grid system that is connected to the grid). Any standard grid tie system cannot operate when the power goes down, even if the sun is shining.

  • What permits and legal requirements do I need to work through?

    Unfortunately, every power company and every county have different requirements. SolarSet can help define these requirements and streamline the process in meeting them.

  • Are Lithium Ion batteries worth the extra cost over Lead Acid batteries?

    In the long term, Lithium Ion is much cheaper than Lead Acid. A Lithium Ion battery bank system can cost over 2x as much as a Lead Acid battery bank system up front, but Lithium Ion batteries can last up to 8x longer than a comparable Lead Acid battery. Lithium Ion batteries also require zero maintenance and release no toxic gases or odors.

  • What maintenance is required on solar systems?

    If they are done right with high quality components, the maintenance should be zero over a 5 year period. SolarSet recommends having a solar installer inspect solar systems every 5 years to ensure everything is working well and reliably.


  • Is any concrete needed for installation?

    No, there is generally no concrete needed when installing a SolarSet unit. Most units are simply secured to the ground with screw anchors which can be installed with handheld power tools.


  • What is the Investment tax credit (ITC) and how does it work?

The ITC is a federal tax credit program that allows buyers of solar systems to claim a tax credit on a percentage of the total installation cost of their system. The current percentage rate is 30%.


If a SolarSet system is purchased for $25,000, delivered for $1,000 and hooked up for $5,000, the total investment is $31,000, including all application fees, permits, etc. The tax credit is calculated off of the final price. In this example, the tax credit would equate to $9,300.

  • Do I qualify for the 30% Incentive Tax Credit?

Most likely yes. This ultimately needs to be determined by the end user’s tax accountant, but SolarSet knows of no case where this wasn’t available to the end user.

Other Credit Programs, Grants and Incentives

The USDA and other government entities have grants available for these expenses as well, that can be used in addition to the Investment Tax Credit. Of course these funds can be difficult to qualify for, but SolarSet encourages buyers to research these programs. SolarSet can provide information of possible grants upon request.

The state of Colorado also offers a few tax advantages in certain applications, varying by county and region. Ask SolarSet if you are eligible for these benefits.

The Colorado Residential Energy Upgrade (RENU) Loan is a statewide residential loan program sponsored by the Colorado Clean Energy Fund in partnership with Colorado-based credit unions. It makes home energy upgrades easy and affordable by offering low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements.


Nationwide and Worldwide Delivery Available!

SolarSet is local to the San Luis Valley, based in Center, Colorado. We will ship our standard units anywhere in North America. In our ongoing effort to bring innovative solutions to the market, SolarSet is excited to offer our FOLD series solar systems, designed to fit inside shipping containers! This allows us to provide pre-built solar systems which can be transported to overseas locations. Call us today to speak to a representative about our RIGID or FOLD series shipping options!



  • This service assumes delivery is made on an easily accessible driveway or parking lot directly connected to a well-maintained public road. Setting the unit in place and anchoring the system are additional services, available in select locations only, and will be priced on a case-by-case basis.
  • If unit is to be unloaded on public property, formal proof of permission from the Authority Having Jurisdiction is needed prior to arrival. 
  • The buyer, or a representative of the buyer, must be on-site to accept the system.

*Limitations Apply

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